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Friday, July 8, 2011

Will she finish?

I've begun a mad four week dash to the finish line that is the SCBWI summer conference.  I'm attempting to finish illustrating the front and back of a new promo postcard, the front and back of a new business card and FOUR new portfolio pieces (also work on my paying assignments) by August 4th.  I've decided to try and post as I go as a means to keep myself motivated to finish.  So, if you see something I totally messed up in my haste to finish, don't be shy, let me know.  Thanks!!

Here's three different versions of what will hopefully be the front of my post card.  I also plan to hand letter all my info and drop it in on the scarf.

full color

partial color

black and white


Alice Young said...

It is so encouraging to know that you are working on your portfolio pieces for the conference. How many pieces have you finished? I have the same goal. I am no pieces in and four to go! Working on all four comps first.

Jennifer Gray Olson said...

I'm getting there. How are the pickled children coming? I'm SO excited to it when your done!