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Friday, June 3, 2011

Illustration Friday : shadows

From shadows to blackness as Saul falls down the abyss.
Click to enlarge.


Alicia Stucky said...

This is incredible. I love his gesture and the style of all your work. You definitely have a way with watercolor.

naomi orana said...

Although I do feel sorry for Saul,
I do love the skill in this work :-)

Coreopsis said...

Ooooh--scary picture! It's the stuff on nightmares, and he's just going down into darkness. This is one of those ideas which I probably wouldn't have been able to figure out a composition for.... Excellent!

Jack Foster said...

Wow! Great hole Jen! Seriously... I’ve attempted this before... you really nailed it! NICE!

Kate* said...

I love the energy in this piece!